What Has Randy Wrapped In His Own House?

What Has Randy Wrapped In His Own House?

Between manufacturer samples, order mixups, left-overs from completed projects, and fun ideas we couldn’t get out of our heads until we made them a reality - we’ve wrapped quite a few things around Randy’s home and shop. In this video, Randy takes you on a walkthrough of his home, showing all of the things we’ve wrapped in custom printed graphics and architectural films over the years and how well the material has held up over time.

With more than 1 completed project for every room in his home - the question will soon become what hasn’t Randy wrapped in his house? Randy’s home is a perfect example of how well materials can hold up over time. Randy has wrapped everything from his refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher to his kitchen cabinets and countertops. He talks about how much he loves having something that will last for years without fading or peeling away from its surface. In fact, Randy is so happy with the results that he has become a distributor for us and we are excited to have him on board. Randy’s home is just one example of what we can do. If you are interested in having any surface covered in our custom printed architectural films, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you out. We offer a wide range of products and our goal is to provide you with the best quality films at affordable prices. We have been in business for over 10 years and we are proud of our reputation for providing the highest quality products at affordable prices. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. Just give us a call at 208-696-1180 or send us an email at info@rmwraps.com and we will be happy to help you out.

Here's a list of the subjects Randy has wrapped in his house and shop. 

  • 2 Tables wraps - using the 3M Di-Noc
  • File cabinet - using the 3M Di-Noc
  • Little tables - using the LX Hausys BENIF Films
  • 2 Refrigerator wrap - Custom print - Click here to see more.
  • 2 Mini fridge wraps -  Custom print - Click here to see more.
  • 2 Door wrap - Custom print - Click here to see more.
  • Kitchen cabinets - using the Belbien film
  • Trim molding
  • Hand Railing
  • Refrigerator wrap - using the Di-Noc
  • Deep chest freezer - Click
  • Laptop wrap - used the Di-Noc
  • Countertop wrap


For a full list of project videos of everything you see in Randy's walkthrough above, you can click the "Watch On Youtube" button and scroll down to the Description Box. OR, Click Here to be taken to the full blog post on our main website.


Here's the videos you can watch that Randy wrapped. 

LIttle table wrap

 File cabinet wrap

Speaker wraps

Door wrap

Color changing the refrigerator video


How to wrap cabinets video. 

Here's the information on main video. 

Welcome to Rm wraps my name is Randy MIller and today i'm going to talk to you about all the stuff i've wrapped in my house and I actually used architectural films and uh prints but i want to show you the wearability and how many years it's been on the subject and more so let's uh let's kind of get started this is uh this is the office we work on every single day um and uh we're gonna show you the tables the cabinet wraps and everything come on let's go so where Devin is right now uh we wrapped this in June 28th uh 2018 it's been about four years and this is actually a Di-noc product it's a whip grain Di-noc and i'm gonna show you um the wearability but also the flaws and everything I'm going to keep it as transparent as possible so of course the corners right here I have been hitting this for over the years actually I can clean this up a little bit add a little heat to it and a little uh markers and we can mark this up and get it nice and organized and clean again it's kind of an easy fix but I'm going to show you the wearability i have i'm trying to show you everything that i can find now Devin he uses his mouse you can see the wearability of the mouse right there and that's it right here on the back side but other than that i mean you got little dings right here but that's actually just your nail hole it was a nail hole no okay because you built this desk yeah yeah so i built this desk in place so we have a nice office that we can work on but we again we were been working on every single day and i was that right there the tables the little guys right here this is actually in the lx uh films and it was a testing table so i did a couple of those tables and that was September 2022. this is all on my youtube channel you can do that but also we're probably making maybe a blog but in the description down below we're gonna put links to all these projects so you can actually see the time stamp and everything done and on this one right here stretch heat and stretch it over so you can see um then you can do all this with architectural films and we use this table all the time he Devon puts the books and all kinds of stuff on here I always put some drinks or something right here and you can see it's still I mean lots of things right there now on this one right here the cabinet filing cabinet this was a couple moves that we did on this one and this is I believe it was a die knock product it was a long time ago it was October 18, 2017, five years ago and you can see right there has been a couple of dings right there but it's holding on and uh still looks diamonds

okay let's see what else is there little door wraps so this is our new designs and we just literally put this up today is called the door uh uh door panel wraps we haven't figured the names out yet but uh so this is actually done in photo text material that was what we did was i had actual air release vinyl up and it took some paint off so we decided to change this up to the photo text material and it's like a sticky note vinyl or material uh the glue is like a sticky note and the material is like a canvas so you can remove it several times it won't damage the the subject so i always use my house as a test sample and i said okay that's not gonna fly with someone it has a rental or apartment building or office and they remove it and you can see something like that then i'll get a complaint about it so we always try to take care of you guys and so we just changed that up that's uh the perfect opportunity to show uh what we we do what we preach this right here is actually a wrap i painted it and it didn't i didn't like the the look of it um so we wrapped it this is actually i built a uh charging station back here behind the door it's hiding so it's like an empty space so we we uh we put all the stuff here we try to make it as organized as possible for the the workstations and everything so that's that's a wrap right there i wrapped this about a month ago and you can see it to me it's very we can see the gloss so you can see how glossy it is but i love the feel of this uh just the vinyl cleans better it stays organized and so on this one right here this was done in November 2000 or November 25th 2020. so this is a an old countertop that and i wanted to wrap it before we uh had a Christmas time and then um so what i did was i had extra uh Di-noc there's actually a die knock product right here and we use this every single day and we clean it all we do is we soak in water and clean it we have a little bit of stuff here not every once in a while i just took it off just to show you the the quality of this right here now nothing's actually perfect because i didn't plan on keeping this for a long time i just said i just did did it just to see if i could actually do it and i just basically left it on now so the flaws uh what i can do easily is i can use a little caulking coffee right here um and also i want to do is i want to repaint this or sand it down repaint it and then caulk right here so i'm going to probably do that sometime and that's the only flaws that i can i can see for that and one other flaw is this little area was pretty tricky so i i didn't want to heat and stretch it over i just want to see what it'll look like if i cut it here here and then have one little piece right here so the next time i do something like this i would probably heat and stretch it over and bring it over another thing i just for experimenting um i just wanted to cut and actually show people i just want to cut right here and here so the vinyl does shrink a little bit during time um so you can actually see the little lip right here um so that's if i really wanted to i could probably cut here and then here and or in the corner here and do one little strip right there but i just want to show people it is really it's good to have a go up and under about a quarter inch okay that is all wrapped and again November 25 5 2 2 2.

hey so next I've wrapped this trim several times as playing around um I have a Christmas theme and some other things down below the link I'll try to put the link on there showing that wrap I think I wrapped that door at least one time let's go this direction, okay this is uh door panel wraps and I just wrapped this today and this is actually on the photo text material again so you can remove it put it back up do it that way I did it on both sides

and um it won't damage the paint once you remove it you can add something else you can Christmas theme or whatever that's photo tips okay this right here is a garbage can I had extra vinyl one-time October 2015

and that's paint right there but i just extra but this garbage can has been beat the heck and it's been here for a long time so you can see the quality also the durability of this product now this was uh the extra uh vinyl the die knock material architectural films we wrapped as a february 23rd 2022 dev and i did this project right here it was a deleted die knock and we had to use it before you kind of dried up so we said let's see what we can do we can wrap this this is actually an iio fridge i can't remember the the number of this fridge but you can actually see that right there we're going to start wrapping more and more of those io fridges and speaking of which we're going to wrap this guy right here pretty soon we're coming up the new design and fun we got some ideas that are coming up we're going to wrap that guy we just wrapped this guy right here and we called the rest box and uh that will be on the video too and that was like a like three weeks ago uh let's see what else is there here's my little glow forwards we keep got that little wrap if you call wrap little little stickers and everything this is uh we did a job for uh this company right here and they had an extra one he said i'll just keep it so we kept it and this was a February 2019 we did several of those guys that's a wrap right there let's see what else is there there's uh wall wraps right here this actually i moved this several times that's on Photo tex fabric material and um i just yeah i like records oh door wrap we wrapped this right here and that was i'll put that in the dates down down below i can't remember i totally forgot about that guy and they'll be in the links down below and that's a wrap right there too but the doors i just personally i love the feel of the door wrap especially on the air release vinyl it cleans really good and it just looks diamonds i mean i really enjoy uh doing these these wraps okay let's go let's go down here you get to see my house okay we did this a couple days ago this is the refrigerator we did and uh we're gonna start selling those refrigerators this is an iio fridge another one and this is actually for sale that's another video down below this is a Di-noc leather this is my laptop i had a little extra vinyl left over on a job and this has actually been on for about three years i can't remember exactly when i did it but it was three years ago i did it now this is another fridge we did we did several of these fridges and this is actually insignia a 115 can fridge we did uh had an extra one so they said just keep it um believe it or not uh so we wrapped the frame and wrapped the body and it's a fun fun little design i should have pulled it out but that's been wrapped i'll try to find a video of that guy and um so when we got the house you know the 2018 April 2018 i decided to wrap the frame this guy right here the trims and it's just around the fireplace i just want to see how durable the wrap is and then again another testing it out

and so you if you want you can wrap your frames I might start wrapping uh like the windows next I'm always testing it out and see how well it is this one uh this is my favorite one this is actually the building I can remember the name of it but we sell the wraps uh for this but this is actually a full service and this is my personal uh one and um you can see the quality of this guy right here and then again link down below this was march to 2018

and lots of detail stuff in there, so you can turn the lights on you, can see the lights behind it's right here and you have like a little shelf right here and a sign right here we have the lights but I pulled this out just to show people but again this is an insignia 115 can uh refrigerator so you can see the possibility of this guy right here uh doing that way okay I did uh wrap my speakers just to show you I can send you a link on that it was a fun little project I just want to see what it looks like and

it's just more of playing around all right this guy I just got literally got done within the hour uh this flips over so when you go in the theater room you can look this way and when you close the door you'll see this guy right here this is called the layered painted four-link door wrap this is on photo tex material and it's a great material so actually behind this I'm going to show you real quick and grab that tears right there it is so just regular wood it's uneven wood but with the Photo, Tex material I can throw it right down I don't have to worry about it and it still looks pretty awesome now on the waist coating I did Wayne's coating wrap again I'll put a link down below showing the wainscoting I was experimenting and um it was like a wood pattern I did all the way around up at one time now for the kitchen and this is actually a Belbien vinyl and I can put the links down below this was done December 20 20.

and so I did underneath over here

and also all down here here here and all up there that's all the wraps the dishwasher was wrapped in October 2019 a release vinyl matte sheen

and the main question people always worry about is okay when you're cooking does the heat destroy any of that I say no and I just saw something I need to clean up right there

also uh that as long as it's been up here i don't i see very few flaws in this okay so the heat right there you get a lot of heat right there um look still looks good it doesn't buckle doesn't warp or anything like that doesn't burn uh with that that going underneath it so you can see right there the only thing i flaw i found is because of this guy right here i believe but i can actually pull this off and i can use a little bit of glue to glue this guy right down and i'm sure i'm trying to show you exactly what um i'm trying to find there's another thing i used to try to oh here so the nail on this guy right here that's dirty from here is from that so you have to make sure it's nice and clean and uh there's another one right there so you can see right there i i personally like having the double cut right here because i was worried about it it uh shrinking a little bit but it has not shrinked at all so if i was going to do it again i would probably do a double cut and then go that way i was just more or less testing out the vinyl on my own house see what else is there oh this the refrigerator the refrigerator is all wrapped it was february 19 2022 this is called a waterfall uh color and this is actually go the armrest.com website you can see it right there and you can order that and to clean it you just use water basically on all this stuff all the um the wraps i forgot i wrapped this door too in the photix fabric material showing uh that you can wrap a six panel door using the material we sell you just use basically water okay another thing we experiment this was this is actually a wrapped trim molding and this is about a month ago so we wrapped all the way around here because the reason why because i when we're going downstairs actually can you show you this is a wrap

so that's a wrap right there just to show you that it is a wrap uh the only reason why is clean ability um we're going back and forth you know dragging our clothes around here but also hands so it's getting really dirty and so with paint it doesn't hold i mean it doesn't clean as well prime example this is it right here and it's driving me up the wall so we use this all the time the paint just gets rough gets old gets yeah and so this right here the handle part this has actually been wrapped too you can see how glossy it is but this has been about a month and i would like we go down this all the time i grab it and i actually you know forced my hands down there and i put a lot of effort into it but it just it literally took me about 10 minutes to wrap but it looks diamonds i haven't cleaned it yet usually probably once a month what i have to clean is right here because it looks like that after a month and just driving at the wall so that's another possibility of thinking wrapping your your handles i just did this today uh and so again photo text material so you gotta change the look of it i can actually there you see right there you pull it up put it back down doesn't damage anything these are what you can possibly can wrap you can wrap all kinds of stuff table wrap there's a table wrap right here that's not a table wrap right there actually it's a table but you can actually wrap this table i did a video on the counter tops

these were brand new countertops sold before it was kind of the 80s countertops that we'd wrapped I did a video on that wrap right there other than that I think those are the ones I can think of wrap being wrapped and everything

so seriously if you're thinking about painting or wrapping think about that uh the wrapping hold cleans a lot better holds it looks better it feels better I love the feel of the wrap when you're going down the railing when you're touching the door when you're doing the trim molding it feels really good the cleanability of the refrigerator uh the wrap is so much easier to clean um than the durability and everything so yeah let me know what you think about this video I love to have comments questions anything that you can do let me know I can help you there phone number 208-696-1180 email us at info@rmwraps.com check out custom prints on the rmwraps.com and you can also check out the auction hustle films at the rmwrapstore.com it was a long video and I probably have more things that I wrapped that I haven't thought of but this is it for now so stay tuned we got more videos to show you and more projects and products coming your way all right you guys have a good day.

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