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Real self-adhesive laminates with extraordinary performances. Specifically designed for Interior Design and available in over 1000 finishes.

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Solid Colors (PS)

Simple, solid color vinyl films that focus on quality, consistency of color, and ease of install
3M, Di-Noc, Matte, Solid Color, PS-3869MT, Architectural Film

Matte Colors (PS/MT)

Featuring 3M’s industry-leading matte coating technology - ultra-smooth, low reflection

Gloss Colors (HG)

High-Gloss, super-smooth solid color options. (FLAT SURFACE ONLY)

Premium Wood (PW)

The most-detailed wood grain patterns - featuring 3M's Matte Coating Technology

Dry Wood (DW)

Ultra-detailed. Ultra-realistic. Featuring 3M's Matte Coating Technology

Find Wood (FW)

larger and more natural wood grain patterns compared to the WG Series

Standard Wood (WG)

The original wood grain pattern series from 3M - Over 160 economical patterns

Metallic Wood (MW)

Embossed wood grain patterns printed on a metallic base for truly unique finishes

Gloss Wood (WG/GN)

High-Gloss, super-smooth wood grain pattern options (FLAT SURFACE ONLY)

Stone Patterns

Natural replica stone patterns in a variety of textures and low-reflection finishes

Mortar & Plaster

Ultra-Matte (MT) patterns replicating the look and feel of mortar and plaster

Stucco, Terracotta, & Ceramic

Abstract stone-like patterns with mostly matte finishes

Concrete & Tile

Faux-concrete finishes focusing on visual texture and low-reflectivity


A wide range of patterns focusing on visual texture and recreating metallic luster

Carbon Fiber

Faux-carbon fiber finishes with the same durability as the rest of Di-Noc

Leather & Suede

Vinyl films that recreate the look and feal of real leather finishes


Patterns that recreate the look and feel of cotton, burlap, and other fabric materials

Exterior (EX)

Patterns with an extra layer of UV-resistant coating for outdoor durability


Specialty patterns that don't fit into the other catagories


3M Di-Noc Oak Wg-697 Architectural Film
Ed G.


My experience with RM wraps is exceptional. Ordered multiple samples so I can order the correct match for my project. Randy has been very helpful.

Ashley S.


My usual vinyl vendor doesn't sell Di-Noc. They referred me to someone else, who wanted to charge me over a thousand dollars more for this roll of material than RM wraps sells it for. I was a bit nervous to spend so much on my first order, but RM Wraps was easy to work with...I'm very happy with my purchase, and will definitely buy from RM Wraps again.

Sarah S.


I ordered a small amount to make sure I could apply the product to my older cabinets and that it looks acceptable (prior to ordering the entire amount needed)...This product is exactly what I was looking for, so glad I found this product! If I can do it so can you.

3M Di-Noc Teak Wg-7022 Architectural Film
David C.


Very nice product. End product is hard to distinguish from real wood unless you really inspect the surface.

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