Looking for an Architectural Finishes installer? 

Click here to full out the form http://rmwraps.com/installing

(Company) is paying for the flight and traveling cost. When Randy Miller gets done, (company) will pay remainder. 

RM wraps will will pay for the traveling cost. $1000 Flight -

$500 travel fee both ways (East cost) New York, Florida. It's a Full day flight one way. 

$250 Travel fee both ways (west cost) LA, Seattle. Its takes 3 hours one way.

$?? Hotel 2 nights for starting out.


Once (Company) pays online or pays the down payment Randy will start the process of coming to the jobsite. 

$630 a day

$?? Hotel night cost

Car rentel or Uber ??

Customer pays for all the materials. 

Randy Miller is just installing the vinyl. (company) has the vinyl at the job site. 

Everything will be recorded and put in Google drive folder that Randy Miller will share with (company). 

In the folder, there will be photos, videos, invoice and notes. If it's ok I would like to use the videos and photos on www.rmwrapsstore.com, www.rmwraps.com, Facebook and Youtube.


Company should do. 

1. Send the blue prints or photos Rmwraps@gmail.com 

2. Need the measurements of the subject that Rm wraps is going to wrap. 

3. Order samples off this website, to see the colors, textures, see how sticky it is.

4. One of the samples, test out the surface the we are going to wrap. 

5. Call Randy 208-696-1180 and tell him what you want done. 


The List of Professional Architectural Finishes installer in your area. 

Rm wraps does travel around the country installing the Architectural Finishes but if you want to try to find someone locally, here's a list of installers. 

Click here.


We want to grow the list. If your an vinyl installer Email Randy at rmwraps@gmail.com