Hire a professional Architectural Film installer

If you have a lot of doors, cabinetry, walls, tables, trim moldings or anything else to vinyl-wrap, you can hire Rm wraps out.

You pay for the materials, traveling expenses (Airfare, gas, car rental, hotel, etc.), and 25% of the total estimated labor cost. We’ll travel, do the install, and bill the remainder of the labor cost at the end.

Rm wraps will record everything - before and after pictures, progress videos, etc. When the project is done and we’re back home we typically edit our photos and videos down and upload them to Youtube.

Contractor-Licensed (#RCT-37816) and Insured.

3m endorsed installer

To get started on an installation quote, please fill out the Contact Form below. Please provide as much information pertinent to your project as possible, including: 

  • Scope of your Project (What is being wrapped, what material is being used)
  • Where the project is located
  • Required start and finish dates
These are just the basics and we will ask for further information as needed (for example, the easiest way to bid a Yacht interior is to see it - we will ask for photos or videos of the space if possible to fully understand the scope of the project). 

How We Film Our Projects

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Contact Us For A Quote

Please fill out the form below and provide us with basic info about your project to help us get started on a quote. We'll reply to you with any questions we have and basic cost information as soon as possible.

Find Other Certified Installers

In the event that our schedules conflict or the size of your project makes traveling cost-prohibitive, you can always try to find a certified installer in your local area. You can search for local certified installers using 3M's online search tool.