Check Out Real-Life Samples

Thumbnails on a screen are okay, but they often times don't help you get a true sense of a pattern, and sometimes they aren't even close to the real thing! That's why, besides offering samples you can order and see for yourselves, we've undertaken the task of filming and photographing a real-life sample of every pattern we can get our hands on.

Below you'll find playlists corresponding to the pattern series' as they appear in the current 3M Di-Noc Catalog. Check back often to see more - this is a (big) ongoing project with over 1000 pattern options to film!

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NEW Premium Wood (PW) Series

Featuring 3M's Matte Coating Technology

Dry Wood (DW) Series

Featuring 3M's Matte Coating Technology

Fine Wood (FW) Series

Larger, more natural wood patterns compared to WG Series

Wood Grain (WG) Series

More economical option compared to FW or DW series - still offering durability & quality