Collection: LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Films - Marble/Stone

Ultra-Matte, Ultra-Tactile - BENIF's highest quality and most realistic wood grains. 


LX Hausys BENIF films are self-adhering and can be applied to virtually any flat or curved surface, including walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, elevator cabs, automobiles, just to name a few. The BENIF Architectural Film line of products boasts the most tactile and widest range of top coating texture options available in the industry. 
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LG hausys, LX Hausys, BENIF, Architectural Vinyl, marble, RM12
LX Hausys Marble (White) RM12 Architectural film
$ 3$ 2,800
LX Hausys Bianco Carrara (White) ML67 Architectural film
LX Hausys Bianco Carrara (White) ML67 Architectural film
$ 303$ 2,800