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Lg Hausys Film Metal

Soft reflection of luxury metal provides feelings as if you are staying in an exotic and fancy first-class hotel. 

Note: It can't curve and heat / stretch. Need to be a flat surface. 

Thickness of the vinyl is 8 - 14 mils

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LG Hausys Metal RP06
LG Hausys Metal RP06
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LG Hausys Metal RP06

Lg Hausys films

  • $ 3.00

LG Hausys Metal RP06 All vinyls come 4 feet wide. 10’ minimum order, after that you can order by the yard.  Thickness ( without a release paper ) 6 -10 mil Applications  COLORS MAY VARY FROM THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS. IT IS VERY HARD TO CAPTURE PICTURES OF THE VIVID COLORS, DIFFERENT SHADES, A...

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