Wrapping Kitchen Cabinets

Wrapping Kitchen Cabinets

Update The Look Of Your Kitchen Cabinets: By Wrapping Them With High Quality Vinyl.

Make them look like Wood, Rustic wood, Metal, Metallic, High Gloss, Pure Color, Stone, Concrete and more. 

Rm wraps will show to the rules on ordering, how to measure, installing and using the right tools. 

Materials Rm wraps We Love Using

3M Di-noc and Belbien 


Average kitchen cabinet wrap cost


Ordering the Vinyl 

Order samples first to see the colors, textures and how sticky the vinyl is. 

The 3M Di-noc and Belbien rolls come in 4 feet wide and you can order by the yard or every 3 feet

You can get 2 door (18" x 30" each) in one 4x3 sheet. 



Talking about the 3M Di-noc and Belbien material. 

Here's how to order. Click on the Sample button, it will drop down and you can see more options. If you need 3 yards, go to 4x3 (12 sq. ft.) In the Quantity put 3. 

How to install videos

Tools to use


Hard to wrap door


The vinyl is to thick to get in the grooves. 


Flat doors are the best to wrap. 


If you are renting the place and want to remove it. The vinyl may damage the fake printed wood, etc. 


Need More Info or just want to contact Rm wraps.

Randy Miller 208-696-1180. Rmwraps@gmail.com 

Looking for an installer? 

Click here to full out the form http://rmwraps.com/installing

Average cost is ( one person )

$250 day travel fee

$520  8 hours day  

$650 10 hours day

Flight ????

Hotel cost Average $100 a night

Car rentel or Uber ?????

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