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Paint $60 - $80 per door*

Inexpensive, but does not look nice or perform well

Can be done in place, but door needs to stay open overnight to prevent sticking.

Laminate $400 - $500 per door*

Door needs to be removed and done offsite, and then brought back to the site

Will not work on metal doors


Strip, Re-stain, and Re-varnish $400 - $500 per door*

Not possible to do in occupied spaces because of strong odor

Inconsistent application results; can be uneven with an ineffective appearance on the door, and takes a few days

Dark stain to light stain is very difficult - will cost more and does not always look the best

Will not work on metal doors


New Doors (fire-rated commercial door) $650 - $1500 per door*

Wasteful; old doors end up in a landfill even if in good, solid condition

May require stain and varnish, creating strong odor

Can be extremely expensive

Needs new locks, closures, etc., and there is an additional cost for hanging new doors


Wrapping the door $325 - $420 per door both sides 80" high** Material cost

1 hour to install the door wrap. ( removing the handle, do any small patch up dents with spot putty, clean the door, add primer 94 around the edges, heat the edges )

No need to “demo and replace”, existing doors stay in place

Doors look brand new, over 1000's patterns to select from.

Possible to do in occupied spaces with minimal disruption or downtime

Very low odor or noise

Works on metal or wood doors - The door needs to be flat

Can reuse old hardware

Easy and fast to patch up rips and damaged area. 

Keeping your surfaces clean and properly disinfected is more important than ever. Can be cleaned with typical commercial-grade cleaners and disinfectants that can destroy or suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Belbein Door wrap, Rm wraps


How to wrap a door videos.

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