Cost of Wrapping Hotel Door

Cost of Wrapping Hotel Door

Cost of Wrapping Hotel Door

You will need to pick the material you want to use. Di-noc, Belbien or Bodaq films. The cost is all on the Go to any of the page you like the design and click any buy button Sample - 4 x 3 sheet to 4 x 164' roll. You will see the cost. 

 Note: Di-noc cost is the highest, Belbien cost medium and Bodaq is the cheapest. 

Average wood grain rolls is Di noc $4000, Belbien $2320 and Bodaq $2300

Solid colors are the Cost-effective


Cost: Sample prices

1 door wrapped on both sides will be 5 yards

You can get 10 door wraps off of 1 roll. 

Sample cost. You pick the Belbien sw 127 film. It will cost $232 each door for the material. 

1 installer normally takes 1.5 hour to install the door wrap. $160 installing fee

That is cleaning the door, fixing any small dents, cutting the film to size, adding primer 94 around the edges of the door, installing the vinyl and heating the edges.

Total cost: $392  

Note: If Rm wraps comes to do the wraps, there will be traveling, car rental, Flight, etc. fee. Need to know the job address and when to start. 


100 doors:

10 rolls of the Belbien sw 127: $23,000.00

Labor: 8 door a day - 1 person. $16,000.00   Around 12-13 days to install 100 door wraps.

Note: the handles must be taken off by the business. 


How to repair damage vinyl - quick and easy. 


New Matte sheen Vinyl 

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