Architectural Finish Squeegee

Architectural Finish Squeegee

Architectural Finish Squeegee

Rm wraps wants to make a squeegee just for Architectural Finishes films. 

There are several tools in 1 within this modern squeegee. 

Main website to order the squeegees.

Here's the first prototype

Classy Architectural Finish squeegee, rm wraps

1. The arrows lead you the right direction to go. The squeegee needs to be at 30 degree angle to force the air down and out, by creating said arrows we can facilitate customer use. 

2. The 3 lines are made to cut at the corner of the subject by using the 90 degree gap.

3. The thickness of the Architectural Finish Squeegee is 1/8 in or 0.125 in, with the sole purpose of being used as a spacer. 

4. If the 1/8 in does not suffice, you can use the 4 slots on the top right corner which are meant to be used as spacers, as well. 

5. For a round corner cut, you can use the top left corner of your squeegee. 

6. The top left half inch over is where you can put your blade and cut the vinyl. It will hold the blade in place and Architectural Finish squeegee will force the vinyl down. 


Here's the updated version. 

Architectural Finish Squeegee Pro Crystal. 

Adding more spacer slots, more corner cutters and adding customer logo.


architectural finish Squeegee, Pro Crystal, Rm wraps

Here's the videos you can watch. 

Here's some of the testers

How to use the Architectural Finish Squeegee

How to cut the corners 

To make this a bigger Architectural Finish Squeegee. We would love to have your inputs about the squeegee. Want to find the right felt or your favorite felt to use? I need to know where I can buy it. 

How much would you buy this tool for?

Do you like the Classy or Pro Crystal?

Please Fill out the Comments box below. 

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Pro crystal.. $10-$15 a squeegee??

Ali Khalfan

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